Meet Us

Hi! We are Ilysa and Kira- we're passionate, experimental, and have been creating tools, supplies, and communities for handmade artists and crafters since 2007!

Our story

We are both polymer clay artists who make a lot of jewelry. Back in 2007, we started an Etsy online guild, and then a YouTube channel and podcast to teach people more about polymer clay. This led to all kinds of fun things including our business CreateAlong which manufactures polymer clay supplies in the USA and teaches people how to use them through a monthly magazine, subscription box, free videos, and a huge active Facebook Group.

DIY Earrings Club was created because we were seeking fun and interesting components to add to our clay earrings and we thought, what if we created a monthly box full of goodies and we decide the shapes and colors!

We'll make it all in our Florida studio out of awesome and amazing high-quality materials and ship them directly to earring and jewelry makers all over!

We are Ilysa Ginsburg and Kira McCoy, the Founders of:

The original Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy- PCAGOE

The original polymer clay podcast, started on June 1, 2007

PolymerClayTV on YouTube, started in June 2007 and continuing weekly with hundreds of clay projects, demos, interviews and tips and tricks

Polymer Clay Adventure- PCA online art retreat

Polymer Clay Adventure in Paradise- Retreat in Outer Banks, NC (OBX) 

Passion for Polymer Magazine, offered digital since 3/2017, and print during 2019, 2020, and 2021





That's how every part of our business is always started:

Create What You Wish Existed.

We love to support our communities- so we invite you to join us on Instagram and in our Facebook group!