What requirements do you have?

Our teachers and authors are required to help us market the events they teach in. This includes putting your Influencer link in your bio on social media, posting about the event so your followers find out about it, following any deadlines or specific dates we have planned for launching and promotions, and generally not holding back from selling! 

We provide loads of marketing resources and training if you are new to it. 

You don't have to have a million social followers- we are happy to have teachers with a beautiful original idea, and a willingness to learn how we operate and work with us in a collaboritive, sharing and caring way. We do NOT tolerate drama, competitive activities, and other unfun behaviors- we always work to provide a community atmosphere for our teachers :) 


What do I need to know about video teaching?
Apply for Polymer Clay Adventure
Apply for Earring Camp!
Write for the Magazine or teach a Tutorial

The owners of PolymerClayClub, Ilysa and Kira, have been producing video content for the polymer clay community since 2007, and monthly magazine-style tutorials since 2017.


Their YouTube channel, PolymerClayTV, has over a million views and 600+ videos! 


They started PCA back in 2015 and have been hosting online art events for 7 years and counting.


They started PCU- Polymer Clay Universe, which morphed into Passion for Polymer Magazine, in March 2017 and there's been a fabulous issue monthly since then.


Teach with us- you're in good hands :)